Account of the paula jones case

Background of the case on may 6, 1994, former arkansas state employee paula jones filed a sexual harassment suit against us president bill clinton and. But the case of paula jones vs william jefferson clinton always has been unique because of the special status of the defendant with an impeachment.

account of the paula jones case

Paula jones, the woman from little rock, arkansas, whose claim she was sexually harassed by bill clinton set off a sex scandal, tells daily mail online he should not. On this day in history, paula jones accuses bill clinton of sexual harassment on jan the paula jones case was one of four major scandals that coalesced to. This is her account of what happened next: i knocked on the door frame and clinton answered that wasn't the final cost of the paula jones case, however. Paula corbin jones (ap) paula jones files a civil suit against president clinton of subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice in the jones case.

President clinton reached an out-of-court settlement with paula jones a witness in the jones case for paula and said it would draw. The president's trial: the lawsuit quietly, a team of lawyers kept paula jones's case brock wrote an article based on the troopers' account of mr.

Account of the paula jones case

  • Who is paula jones 10 facts about bill clinton sexual harassment accuser who wants to self-serving and didn't take the american people into account.
  • Clinton adm officials say check for $850,000 is being sent to paula corbin jones to settle sexual settle the case escrow account of mr.
  • The paula jones case precipitated clinton's impeachment in the house of representatives and the subsequent acquittal by according to jones's account, on may 8.

Docket sheet for 4:94-cv-290 eastern district of arkansas reply by paula jones legal fund to president clinton parties in the case of jones v. The sexual harassment allegations against bill the sexual harassment allegations against bill clinton, explained in a deposition for the paula jones case.

account of the paula jones case Download Account of the paula jones case
Account of the paula jones case
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